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Multiple Languages

Sometimes a tool just isn't made for a specific job. It's better to know different tools for different jobs and where to use them appropriately.

Databases structured for scaling

We design and build for companies that will not only grow, but will also reshape, allowing for fluidity in the development process, and the final product.

Modular Roadmapping

Keeping the development team and design team in sync with the rollout of new features and designs as need be. This also gives a project overlay as both teams can work in parallel, and unison to ensure the best possible collaboration. Our live progress tracking helps you feel part of that unification process too.

App Development

App development has been around for some time, however the ability to deploy apps for multiple frameworks at one time is a coveted feature. At Deviated Systems when we make an application, we use our skills of automation, design, and more when building an app.

App development is not only a tested stable industry but by having a mobile app your users have access to a depth, adding another dimenstion to your buisness. Ultimartly helping our clients interact with their customers on a deeper level.


Does your buisness have tasks that must be completed over and over?

Automations are the ability to allow an A.I. or macro take control of a task and complete it on your behalf. A good example of this is how at the grocery store the cashier will scan the barcodes and then the computer will lookup what is the product, price, weight, is an age restriction, and if there are any coupons. Not only would this take the average human a long time to memorize but just to be kept up to date about all of the savings and deals in a large store like Walmart. With the power of automation, you can have thousands of 'bees' to all of your busy work and you can get back to working on all of the small details!

Our automations are not just a quick fix or effiecent solution but a true investment, becoming major parts in scaling and maintaining your business. Our latest automations are blurring the lines, combining multiple faucets of your business both digital and physical. The longer we work together with you, the better we understand your business model and industry each day. It all starts simple, but they quickly become powerful, invaluable tools for our clients, setting them apart from their competitors and making them stand out.

Custom Solutions & Consultations

Photo by Alvaro Reyes on Unsplash

Thinking of something custom, evolutionary, or that needs multiple services bundled together? Have no idea where you need to start?

If yes to any of the prior then thats not a bad thing! We work directly with companies building not only their website but the tools that help them manage it making the overwhelming seem trivial and easy. We can help bring to furition whatever wacky or strange idea you have we definetly have some foresight coming into it.

We can not only help you build the solution you always dreamed of, we provied consultation services as well! You can gain access to the vast and diversified knowledge-base and opinions of our branch leads, experienced in end-to-end brand development and deployment. Brining to your buisness not only the solution you want, but the solutions to problems you might never realized you had, or predict and warn you of those that will appear in the future.

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NFT Minting

NFT's are a new and emerging market where artists and creators are now able to sell their artwork and track 'true' ownership of their works.

This is also a unique way to handle this, things such as authentication similar to CD-Key's, selling limited-time items (tickets for events memorabilia) and different collectibles. Also, because NFTs transcend the usual limitations of hard drives and storage space, a unique example of using NFT's is for archival purposes. Think of having an ancestry-like system for uploading old photos of your family and then in the years to come there will be a repository of images to trackback say a great grandchild's lineage back to your home country.

Web Development

Web development is the old dog that always seems to learn new tricks.

Back nearly fifteen years ago, when crypto was emerging, no one saw a future as to exactly what could be done with it. Today, with modern advances in not only technology, but with better hardware came better software. Web development can now interact with so many websites and API's and be integrated in a incomprehesaable amount of things. Building back-ends to build an entire headless API server that powers 15 websites seems like magic back when the web was just being born.


Privacy is a large focus of all companies, big and small however carfully treading the line can leave your company like Facebook or DuckDuckGo.

Most websites and services users don't have a big picture when it comes to privacy. It's always been our best practice to keep all information that is shared to be treated as non shareable and to make sure that any identifiable information about the user is either used and requested on a case by case scenario or is simply stored in a secure vault style security system where the user can see all of their information and settings.


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